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As part of a small crowd of early network pioneers at the University of California Berkeley, Eric Allman created Sendmail, which was one of the first mail transfer agents on the Internet and a key component of many email servers today. Still, Allman...


IoT Concerns Bring Eric Allman Out of Retirement

Arduino Board

In 2012, after leaving his company, Sendmail Inc., Eric Allman was supposed to retire.

But after “a career of telling people to get out of my office so I could get my work done, I got lonely,” he said.


IHOF 2017 Inductees - Credit Tsutsumida Pictures

With inductees from ten countries, we continue to see celebrations of the Internet Hall of Fame 2017 inductee class around the globe. We’ve gathered a selection of articles from publications in Brazil, China, Japan and beyond celebrating the achievements of this year's cohort. 

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Mapping inductees’ defining moments in Internet history.

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Five years ago, the Internet Society launched the Internet Hall of Fame, and has been archiving Internet history ever since.