Internet Hall of Fame News Highlights

May 15, 2014

News media from Europe to the east and west coasts of the U.S. and from South China to East Africa and everywhere in between, covered one of the top tech stories of the year in April: the induction of 24 luminaries into the Internet Hall of Fame. Here are a few of those stories, in case you missed them:

Hosting the induction ceremony for the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame helped Hong Kong burnish its credentials as a “tech town,” said the South China Morning Post.

A Pakistani business publication takes note of the induction of Mahabir Pun into the Internet Hall of Fame for “providing wireless Internet services to villages which had lacked even a telephone service.”

The Imagining the Internet Center of Elon University, in North Carolina, asks Internet Hall of Fame inductees to identify the Internet’s challenges and opportunities. took note of the many accomplishments of Dorcas Muthoni, an entrepreneur and computer scientist whose work especially benefits African women.

Ireland is proud of its native son, Internet pioneer Dennis Jennings, for being the first Irish person inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

The University of Oregon gives a tip of the hat to modest Steven Huter for his induction into the Internet Hall of Fame, noting that he feels the award should really go to his entire Network Startup Research Center.

The University of Michigan’s Douglas Van Houweling gets a shout-out from Michigan’s Newswise.








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