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Elon University Captures History: Gihan Dias

In 2013, Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center interviewed Gihan Dias about the role he had played in the development of the Internet in Sri Lanka. The interview took place in Berlin as a part of the 87th Internet Engineering Task Force meeting, where Professor Dias was also inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

"The first thing we did was we set up an email service, and it was dial-up," Professor Dias recalls in the historic video, one of 24 recorded by Elon at the time. "So somebody from the U.S. used to call Sri Lanka once a day and transfer email using a telephone line and a modem."  

Professor Dias also shares his thoughts on the Internet's evolution and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, emphasizing his desire to ensure that, in the long term, the Internet can offer its international users sufficient linguistic and cultural diversity.   

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