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Four Ways to Watch the 2013 Internet Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony; Register to Attend in Person!

Media Alert

The 2013 Internet Hall of Fame inductees, which were announced on 26 June, will be formally honored in a ceremony in Berlin, Germany on 3 August.  The 2013 ceremony, which will recognize inductees in one of three categories (Pioneers, Global Connectors, and Innovators), can be watched in one of four ways: 

Internet Hall of Fame Announces 2013 Inductees

Influential engineers, activists, and entrepreneurs changed history through vision and determination

Ceremony to be Held 3 August in Berlin, Germany



Brewster Kahle: Preserving All the World's Knowlege

March 20, 2013

Tour 2012 Internet Hall of Fame inductee Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive near San Francisco, and be sure not to miss the “terra cotta archivists” in their pews! Kahle, with this “Library of Alexandria 2.0,” is not just digitizing every book ever published: His goal is to preserve all the world’s knowledge.

Internet Hall of Fame Announces 2013 Advisory Board

Distinguished International Panel of Internet Leaders Join 2013 Internet Hall of Fame Advisory Board

Internet Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievements in the development and advancement of the global Internet


Wired 2012 Editorial Series Results in 31 Inductee Interviews

February 20, 2013

In April 2012, shortly after the inaugural induction of over 30 Internet luminaries into of the Internet Hall of Fame, Wired launched a special editorial series to cover the event. The result: A collection of 31 exclusive interviews that capture each inductee’s historic contribution to the Internet. The 2012 interview collection can be found in its entirety on our blog.