Andreu Veà

Telecom and Electronics Engineer | Spain

Dr. Andreu Veà is a well known Internet pioneer and entrepreneur in Spain. He founded the fourth Internet Service Provider company there in 1994 and later helped devise the Internet strategy of Retevision-Auna, a Spanish national telco-carrier. A telecom and electronics engineer, he wrote the first Ph.D dissertation (2002) focused on the Internet. That got the attention of Internet Hall of Fame inductee Vint Cerf, who encouraged him to continue his research at Stanford. Since then he has focused that research on finding Internet pioneers around the world and digitally recording interviews with them for future generations.

Dr. Veà leads efforts to extend networking to small communities, and serves on the Telecom and Smart-Cities advisory committees of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and the City of Barcelona.

He has written several books, dozens of articles and has given more than 800 lectures, symposia and seminars on the Internet and its impact.

Dr. Veà also serves as President of the Board at ISOC-ES.