Grace Chng

Journalist | Singapore

Grace Chng, senior correspondent for The Straits Times, is a leading technology writer in Singapore. For more than 20 years, she has had a front-row seat observing the infocomm development of Singapore and Asia, as well as the initiatives of major global IT corporations in that region. She has interviewed tech personalities ranging from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Carly Fiorina and Eric Schmidt to Sim Wong Hoo, Lionel Lim, Tan Yen Yen and Tan Tong Hai.

A major area of her coverage is tech startups, software developers and Web 2.0. She is excited by the many activities in the startup community in Singapore and the arrival of foreign investors interested in using Singapore as a springboard to Asian countries. She is a member of Singapore’s Media Literacy Council, which looks at issues arising from online media consumption and usage.

Ms. Chng is vice-president of the Singapore chapter of the Internet Society. She also has been an international judge for Digicon6, an animation contest organized by the Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Her personal interests include gadgets like tablet computers, e-readers, and smartphones.