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Van Jacobson

Van Jacobson’s algorithms for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) helped solve the problem of congestion and are used in over 90% of Internet hosts today. He is renowned for his pioneering achievements in network performance and scaling. Widely credited with enabling the Internet to expand in size and support increasing speed demands, he helped the Internet survive a major traffic surge (1988-89) without collapsing.

Jacobson has co-written many network diagnostics tools (traceroute, pathchar, and tcpdump) that are widely used by the Internet research and development community. Besides authoring dozens of seminal, Internet-defining documents, he also helped lead the development of the Internet Multicast Backbone (MBone) and the popular Internet audio and video conferencing tools (vic, vat, wb) that laid the groundwork and defined the standards for current Internet VoIP and multimedia applications.

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