UCLA's Connection Lab Debuts New Website

November 23, 2020
UCLA Connection Lab

Back where it all began, Leonard Kleinrock unwrapped a gift on the Internet’s 51st birthday. 

On Oct. 29, Kleinrock announced the debut of a new website for UCLA’s Connection Lab, which focuses on communications and computing technologies, including cryptography and blockchain. 

Part of the Internet Hall of Fame’s 2012 inaugural class, Kleinrock was one of the developers of ARPANET, the forerunner of the modern Internet. His laboratory at the University of California-Los Angeles hosted the first ARPANET node computer and in October 1969 directed the network’s first transmission. 

“The UCLA Connection Lab is a new research center devoted to shaping the future of the Internet. It is an environment of collaborative, interdisciplinary, open research with an underlying theme, and that theme is connectivity,” Kleinrock said in an interview with the Samueli School of Engineering.