The Building of a 'Permanent Web'

July 7, 2016
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Vint Cerf has been raising the alarm on a coming ‘digital dark ages’ for a while, and he now tells Wired in a recent interview that he and some of his fellow Internet pioneers are “joining with a new generation of hackers, archivists, and activists to radically reinvent core technologies that underpin the web.”

Establishing a “Permanent Web,” as it’s being called, was a key topic of discussion for the new group of collaborators at the recent Decentralized Web Summit, where the group envisioned a world with a web that will one day both archive and back itself up automatically.

Writes Wired:“Unlike the early web, the web of today isn’t just a collection of static HTML files. It’s a rich network of interconnected applications like Facebook and Twitter and Slack that are constantly changing. A truly decentralized web will need ways not just to back up pages but applications and data as well.

The goal: to make the web “resilient to the sands of time.”

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