Internet Hall of Fame News Highlights

September 3, 2014

Though many of us wilted in August’s heat and humidity, our august Internet Hall of Famers managed to stay mighty cool the in news media worldwide. Here are just a few examples:

Because of Edward Snowden’s revelations, Internet Hall of Famer Phil Zimmermann told VentureBeat, “everyone in the security industry is upping their game.”

China Central TV began airing a 10-episode documentary on the development of the Internet. It features, of course, Vint Cerf, Robert E. Kahn, Tim Berners-Lee, and other Internet luminaries, all of whom are enshrined in the pantheon of the Internet Hall of Fame.

Internet Hall of Famer Paul Mockapetris discusses the Internet’s past, present and future in an interview with Internet Hall of Fame Advisory Board member Andreu Vea.

Meanwhile, the Times of India highlights the induction of native son Srinivasan Ramani into the Internet Hall of Fame.

At BbWorld 2014, Internet Hall of Fame Advisory Board alum Joi Ito demonstrated why the Internet is not so much a technology as it is a philosophy.



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