Internet Hall of Fame News Highlights

November 4, 2014

Perhaps because October is the month when “International Internet Day” is celebrated worldwide, many Internet Hall of Fame inductees were featured in the news over the past four weeks.

A new book, “The Innovators,” was published, featuring tales of the late Internet pioneer J.C.R. Licklider and other luminaries and their contributions to the Internet. It was reviewed in the Washington Post, among other major publications.

The Internet Archive, created by Brewster Kahle  introduces some cool new tools for libraries worldwide.

Kilnam Chon tells U.S. News and World Report that repairing Korea’s ID security problems could take a decade.

Radia Perlman was, very appropriately, honored on Ada Lovelace Day, as The Telegraph of London noted.

Kanchana Kanchanasut salutes the Internet Society for helping to develop the Bangkok Internet Exchange Point, which will dramatically increase Internet capacity and improve quality of service in Southeast Asia.



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