Internet Hall of Fame News Highlights

February 5, 2015

The news media can always count on our Hall of Fame inductees to provide insightful perspectives, thought-provoking ideas and memorable quotes. Here are a few examples from the month of January:

Brewster Kahle was the subject of a long profile in The New Yorker and another nice story in The Atlantic, about (among other things) how his Wayback Machine is saving us from the frustration of searching for deleted Web pages.

IHOF Advisory Board alum Joi Ito was quoted by NPR for his novel -- and sobering -- response to the question, “What do you think about machines that think?”

Gizmodo says that based on Vint Cerf's predictions— “many of which have already come true, by the way”—you can start to see how a space Internet and the Interplanetary Internet will one day work together. 

Mahabir Pun tells SciDevNet that Nepali farmers must become more digitally literate before apps will be suitable for rural Nepal. 


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