Cerf-Baker 'Wired' Retrospective

June 2, 2015

Vint Cerf and Mitchell Baker have each played a key role in the development of the global Internet: Cerf as co-creator of TCP/IP, and Baker as the creator of the Netscape software license that helped usher in the open source movement.  They will be bringing these unique perspectives with them when they participate in The Internet Age: Founders to Future, a panel being hosted on June 11 by the Internet Society and the Smithsonian’s National Museum for American History in Washington D.C.

In April of 2012, when Cerf and Baker were inducted into the very first Internet Hall of Fame, chronicled these contributions in exclusive interviews that shed light on the events and efforts that respectively led them down such illustrious paths. These interviews ( and, with their historic context and hints of the future to come (“I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have packets raining down from satellites.”), help lay a foundation for the upcomingpanel dialogue that Cerf and Baker will engage in, and give us some important, early insight into the way these luminaries think about the Internet, and its impact on our world.

Find out more about The Internet Age: Founders to Future, which will also include 2013 Hall of Fame inductee David Farber and award-winning inventor  Sebastian Thrun, or register to watch the June 11 live webcast at:

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