How to Fix What's Gone Wrong With the Internet

July 17, 2018

Originally hoped to facilitate the free flow of information, the Internet has fallen short of that lofty goal according to a recent column. 

In a recent piece published by The Economist, Ludwig Siegele pulls from interviews with Internet Hall of Fame inductees Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf, among others, to opine that the Internet has become more centralized and strictly controlled than its early developers ever dreamed. 

“Today the internet is a very different beast,” he wrote.“The connections to transfer information still exist, as do the protocols, but the extensions the internet has spawned now greatly outweigh the original network: billions of smartphones and other devices, and cloud-computing factories the size of football fields, containing unimaginable quantities of data.”

Siegele examines where things have gone wrong and looks at how they can be fixed.