Tracy LaQuey Parker's Hopes for the Internet's Future

May 20, 2019

Although she is keenly aware that the Internet has become more complicated over the years, Tracy LaQuey Parker is hopeful that hack attempts can eventually become a thing of the past. 

While at the University of Texas, Parker wrote two of the earliest best-sellers about the Internet: “The User’s Directory of Computer Networks,” a 1988 directory of academic networks around the world, and “The Internet Companion,” a guide book for users published in 1992.

The latter, the first trade book published, went on to be translated into eight languages.

The first person to successfully sue a spammer after her domain name was forged, the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame inductee said she hopes that additional cyber security training to address new complexities will help future generations of web users better safeguard their privacy.        

“My hope is that we can figure out how to deal with some of the issues we’ve had, like the high profile hacking attempts. They just seem to keep happening.”